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With over a century of experience engineering switching, protection, and control solutions for power grids, S&C also provides innovative software solutions to improve grid reliability, capacity, and efficiency. We have drawn on our extensive expertise in power grids and decades of experience in software development to create solutions that provide the intelligence to power critical smart grid applications. S&C’s power systems software enables important applications such as self-healing solutions and fleet wide device management for S&C’s automation controls.

S&C understands the work involved in deploying and maintaining switching, protection, and control solutions for modern power grids. We applied this knowledge in developing software tools that make it easier for engineers and technicians to manage grid-based devices and supporting technology, like communication systems. Whether you are designing your system in the office or performing work in the field, S&C offers software you need to simplify these tasks.

We invite you to contact your local S&C sales office today to learn more about how S&C’s power systems software can help you improve your electric power grid.


IntelliTeam CNMS

For Communications Network Management

IntelliTeam® CNMS Communication Network Management System provides utilities with a comprehensive view of network topology and performance through a browser-based interface. It lets users monitor S&C SpeedNet™ Radio networks of all sizes using real-time and archived data. An advanced solution, IntelliTeam CNMS enables the highly reliable communication needed for a smarter grid.


IntelliTeam FMS

For Systemwide Device Management of S&C Automation Products

The IntelliTeam® FMS Feeder Management System is an enterprise-software application designed to facilitate the daily systemwide management of S&C devices. It communicates with the devices and enables utilities to store and access data over multiple devices simultaneously. The IntelliTeam FMS application’s features automate and ease visibility into S&C smart grid devices, engineering and operations setup, and troubleshooting—resulting in saved time and money.

IntelliTeam SG

For Power Restoration

The IntelliTeam® SG Automatic Restoration System automatically reconfigures distribution feeders after a fault or loss of source as it quickly isolates the fault and then restores service to those segments of the feeder which can be restored.


IntelliLink Software

For Use with S&C Automation Products

Communicating with S&C’s Automation Products is easy using IntelliLink® Setup Software. This Windows®-based program provides a common interface and a consistent look and feel, plus similar screens, layouts, and procedures for all S&C’s automation products.