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Utilities are responding to increasingly severe weather by taking proactive steps to improve grid reliability and resilience. Undergrounding residential lateral lines is a key grid-hardening strategy that limits storm exposure and minimizes the frequency of transient faults.

When a fault occurs on an underground residential distribution circuit, it always results in a permanent outage. Often, the issue takes hours to repair and requires multiple truck rolls—leaving dozens of customers without power for an extended period of time.

S&C’s EdgeRestore Underground Distribution Restoration System is an automated solution that boosts customer reliability, enhances crew safety, and seamlessly fits into your existing system.

The EdgeRestore system keeps the power on for customers when a fault occurs, mitigating an emergency truck roll and allowing crews to quickly locate the fault for repair.



Deploying an automated underground restoration solution is beneficial for multiple reasons.

Improve customer reliability by eliminating sustained outages

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Eases operation for crews and enhances safety

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Simplifies device installation setup and operation

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Infographic detailing EdgeRestore's ability to extend fault location isolation and restoration to underground lateral lines


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Plug-in solution

Fits into existing protection philosophies with no changes to protection settings or curves.

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Simplified switching

Eliminates the need to pull energized elbows.

Location pin

Automatic fault isolation

No more need for trial-and-error fault-hunting to isolate faults.

Wrench and gear

Easy deployment

Simple communications setup requires zero onsite programming.

Crosswave line graph

Cross-phase detection

Closing operation uses a phase-angle voltmeter before closing to avoid cross-phasing.

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Voltage indications without testing cables

Control lights show line crews whether voltage is detected.


Watch how the EdgeRestore system automatically restores power to customers when various problems occur on an underground residential distribution circuit.


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Product Details

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Table 1. EdgeRestore Underground Distribution Restoration System Control

Control Type Programming*
Normally closed (NC) Two recloses, open transition
Normally open (NO) Two recloses, open transition

* Programming includes the number of recloses the control will operate after (two) and the return-to-normal transition (open).

Table 2. EdgeRestore Bushing Well Interrupters (50/60-Hz Ratings)

Nom. Voltage Maximum Voltage (Single Phase to Ground) BIL Voltage, Line to Ground Cont. Current Short-Circuit, Sym. Current Bushing Well Configuration
15 and 25 kV 15.2 kV 125 kV 80 amp 6300 amp H1A
15 and 25 kV 15.2 kV 125 kV 80 amp 6300 amp H1B


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